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Welcome to Pip’s Website

A little Pip was planted!

“I wish it was easy to know what to plant, and when. Even better, I wish someone could just send me what I needed to plant, at the right time each season.”

Send Me Seeds Pip aim to help (Pip) Pollinate, Inspire and Propagate green minds Australia - wide.  The seasonal seed subscriptions are a wonderful resource or gift for children, families, and novice gardeners alike. Subscribers receive a seed propagating kit, followed by seasonally selected veggie, herb and flower seeds ready for planting, along with all the planting tips you need. It's the gift that grows green minds.

Meet Pip

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Our first 'Pip' book has launched!

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The seed is spreading

THE AGE, Dumbo Feather, Australian Natural Health magazine, PRW magazine are some of the publications lately to help spread the word and 'throw some compost' onto our little pip. Pip's seeds are now sown in the soils of every state in Australia. It feels good each time we send our seeds knowing we are helping people to live more lightly on this planet. Thank you for your support.

Pip's are sprouting in schools and community

School and community gardens and environmental education centres are some of the community organisations who  subscribe and enjoy receiving Pip's seeds and Pip's tips each season. We are also now running school incursions and workshops for preschool and primary school students.


Community, family and scholarly thumbs of varying green hues, meet Pip! Pip provides an elegant solution for the time-crunched or soil-shy, artfully guiding us through the seasons, strategies and flavoursome rewards of growing your own food. Who could concoct a more nifty resource for school and home gardeners?

April Seymore
Education Officer
Port Phillip EcoCentre

You guys are the future, I'm so amazed that exactly what I needed was right there.  (ACF Mag!)
lots of love

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