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Single Season Seed Kits

Order a once-off, trial seed kit; including veggies, herbs, companion flowers or sprouting seeds.

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  • Seeded Gift Card 10 pack
    Seeded Gift Card 10 pack

    Pack of 10 Seeded Gift Cards

  • Winter Veggie Seeds 2012
    Winter Veggie Seeds 2012

    6 varieties of organic, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds ready for planting now

  • Cool Buds 2012
    Cool Buds 2012

    A seed kit which consists of five different varieties of stunning flowers for the cooler months

  • Cool Herbs 2012
    Cool Herbs 2012

    Edible herbs for the cooler months including Parsley, Fennel and Coriander

  • Seeded Gift Card
    Seeded Gift Card

    Gift cards printed on handmade paper embedded with flower seeds