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Send Me Seeds Pip aim to help polinate, inspire and propagate schools and communities Australia wide. The idea is to make it easy for schools to include veggie gardening as part of their curriculum by giving them something to grow each season and providing all the resources including seasonal tips, inspiration and classroom garden tutorials.

 Many schools around Australia receive a seasonal seed subscription to ensure they have seeds to plant, and receive planting tips and harvest recipes each planting season. The school receives a letter each season including key garden activities, tips for planting each seed variety, enough seeds to plant for a full season harvest and inspirational poems and recipes to help grow the love of gardening. The Pip and Percy children's gardening book is also perfect for classroom education and aims to make gardening magical for the kids. This can be included as part of the school seed subscription, along with other teaching resources. Note each book includes a packet of Heirloom Tomato Seeds, and Nan's Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe.

Free kids activities and class garden tutorials

Also available to pip's schools are free classroom tutorials courtesy of our friends at the Biological Farmers Association Organic School Gardens Program. Click here for more information on the free classroom garden tutorials. Other gardening books and teaching resources can be found on our website here: Send Me Seeds Pip Resources.

For more free kids gardening activities, particularly for pre-schoolers, please click here.

School Fundraiser

Pip's children's gardening book is available as a School or Pre-Shool Fundraiser. With every book sold, $10 goes to the school or pre-school. Please contact pip for more information.


Community, family and scholarly thumbs of varying green hues, meet Pip! Pip provides an elegant solution for the time-crunched or soil-shy, artfully guiding us through the seasons, strategies and flavoursome rewards of growing your own food. Who could concoct a more nifty resource for school and home gardeners?

April Seymore
Education Officer
Port Phillip EcoCentre